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New Tires

New Tires | Five County Truck Tire Service Inc - Westbury, NY

Five County Truck Tire Service Inc has provided the Westbury, NY area with new tires for sale since 1970, and our emphasis on customer satisfaction has earned us a reputation for honesty and reliability.

We offer individual, as well as full sets, of new tires for cars, trucks, motorcycles, recreational vehicles, and other modes of transportation. Our mission is to provide your every tire need. Five County Truck Tire Service Inc carries high quality, brand name tires, so you can trust that your tires are the best available. We also offer wholesale and retail pricing.

Balanced wheels help maintain even tread wear on your tires, reduce road vibration, help increase your gas mileage, and increase general driving safety, which is why Five County Truck Tire Service Inc offers free wheel balancing with every set of new tires you purchase.

If you need your wheels balanced but have not purchased a new set of tires, we are happy to balance your wheels at an affordable rate.

We offer free tire installation whenever you buy your tires from us, so you may be sure you will have a safe ride when you leave our shop. If you do not need installation services at the time of purchase, we will gladly give you free tire installation when you do.

Maintaining new tires on your vehicle is important as they offer a safer driving experience. New tires run smoothly and efficiently over the road and dirt, increasing both your comfort and safety. We offer the best pricing in tire sales!

In addition to selling tires to private consumers, we also offer wholesale sales to trucking, shipping, and construction companies. We have tires for every need, whether personal or professional, and we take special orders too.Even though we may not have the tire you need in stock, we will obtain it quickly for you.

If you need new tires that are durable and guaranteed to last, then speak with one of our friendly and knowledgeable team members at Five County Truck Tire Service Inc!

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